Hi! I am Jules. I am an artist of life, think tank and always see the big picture. I am a woman and still a girl. I am a wild child and a globetrotter. I’ve got my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground. I am constantly fascinated and passionately creative. I am kitschy and abstract. I am natural and exaggerated. I am colourful and cheeky, lovely and tender.

From my first conscious thought on I have been inventive. Since I have been able to hold a pen I’ve been drawing. Everything surrounding me is fascinating and encouraging to me.

I draw, I create, I design, I illustrate – Using colours, I bring ideas to life and transfer them onto the paper and body. My clients, my travels and the people I meet along my way are continuously broadening my horizon, their stories inspire me to unique motifs, to personal works of art.

The world is my home. Driven by the desire to discover new inspirations and influences, I travel the globe and inhale other traditions, customs and cultures. 

If you wanna learn more about my tattoo art feel free to visit my website www.julesboho.tattoo!

Love, Jules